Friday, February 8, 2008

A little info about us

Welcome to the glave kocen gallery. We are located in the historic Fan district in Richmond, Virginia USA. The gallery gets it's name from the owners, husband and wife, jennifer glave and bj kocen. We joke that it is the hardest gallery name to pronounce... "gla-vay co-sin gal-la-ree"... we hear everything but we also answer to anything.

Our gallery is an extension of who we are. It is a casual, refreshing contemporary space for emerging and established artists throughout the United States. We invite everyone to stop in and experience our "different frame-of-mind." Art need not be unattainable! We promise you will feel comfortable from the first moment you walk into the glave kocen galllery, from the organic color we have chosen for the walls to the first hello you receive when you walk in the door. We invite you to stop by anytime.
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