Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Artwork by Steven Walker

Steven dropped off three new paintings this past weekend. He is madly getting ready for his November exhibit at the gallery. Here is a new painting from a series he is working on of the Fan alleyways and parking lots. You can see his other two paintings on the website.

"a fine power line" 12 x 24 oil

Eldridge Bagley's Gallery Talk

We are gearing up this week for Eldridge Bagley's gallery talk on Saturday, June 27th. His paintings document a way of life in Southside Virginia for this former tobacco farmer. Themes from this current exhibit, "A Road Taken", are drawing tobacco plants, searching a cemetery for a loved one's forgotten tombstone and (as depicted in the painting above) a wintry homecoming. Eldridge's paintings are not necessarily nostalgic or sentimental. This Saturday we will be able to hear Eldridge speak about his life and inspirations as an artist living in rural Virginia.
"A Road Taken" June 12 thru July 18, 2009

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