Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contemporary Folk Artist Eldridge Bagley

Eldride Bagley's 29th one man show, "Rural Tapestry" is coming to a close this weekend.   Some of you have never seen Eldridge in person.  Some of us have not experienced his simple quieter way of life. We wanted to share a recent trip to Eldridge's farm in Lunenburg County.
You will experience a small portion of his life and see and hear how he uses current and past experiences for his paintings.  Below are two videos which were captured a few weeks ago on his farm. 

Click link below to view:

Click on the link below to hear Eldridge discussing a painting from his current exhibit:

"Aerial View"
18" x 24"

Click on the link below to view the exhibit "Rural Tapestry"

June 2011 will be Eldridge Bagley's 30th exhibition in the Richmond, Virginia area. 
We will keep you posted on the exciting events surrounding this milestone.

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